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Importance Of Car Tune-Up Before Winter

I grew up in Southern California and was never accustomed to snow or ice. We occasionally had freezing temperatures that froze every liquid in sight, including the coolant in my car. So when I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah last year, I was not prepared for the massive attack on my car when a snowstorm hit suddenly one evening. Once the storm passed, I was stuck with a car that was barely functional and couldn’t be driven out. I always wonder how differently things would’ve been if I had maintained the car properly. Here is why I think it’s important to invest in a car tuneup before winter.


Oil Changes

Change the oil regularly to reduce wear and tear on your engine and moving car parts. This is important because the engine heats more under harsh winter conditions. Change the coolant to maintain a stable temperature inside the compartment. Yearly oil changes keep the engine lubricated and working properly.

Glass Repairs

Ice and auto glass never make a good combination. It’s common for windshields to have chips or cracks that vary from small to sprawling. What most drivers don’t know is that cracks get bigger when ice forms inside. A crack in the windshield could widen and stretch across the entire surface, resulting in the need for a replacement. However, making the glass repairs ahead of time will prevent any more damage.


Snow Tires

Snow tires are optional but recommended in the worst winter conditions. The tires are large with deep tread marks that absorb snow and provide the most traction on icy roads. Pre-winter car maintenance allows you to consider installing these tires.


Filter Replacements

Your car’s filters get clogged after some use, making it hard for the engine or other parts to function properly. During the winter, snow or ice particles could enter the car and also get stuck in the filters. Have these parts replaced to maximize the vehicle’s efficiency.


Battery Check

If the engine does not fail, the battery is next in line. This is common with old batteries that work twice as hard in cold weather and are likely to give out completely. Check the battery to see if it has enough power for the task of being driven through a snowstorm.


Engine Check

Have the engine checked for optimal speed and performance. This is the part that gets your car driven through several feet of snow for long distances and in the coldest temperatures. A typical car tuneup may reveal more serious damage that requires a costly repair or replacement. Fix everything beforehand because the car could break down after driving for a few hours.

Vehicle emergencies, like breakdowns and stranded motorists, are likely to occur during the winter. Snow can pile up and bury the tires, leaving the car immobile. Ice can set in and cause deep fractures in the glass. Before it snows in, have every part of the car tuned up. Contact your local auto repair shop to get the right services. I driving directions below if you are in need of a great place in Salt Lake City.


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